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HD patient in nursing home

Posted by David 
HD patient in nursing home
February 18, 2001 04:28PM
I have a brother with HD who is in a nursing home. His behavior is sometimes aggressive. He turned a man over in a wheelchair. I'm afraid he will be discharged from the facility. Does anyone know of facilities that would be appropriate for someone like him.
RE: HD patient in nursing home
February 19, 2001 11:47PM
Hi David....Just off hand I know of a place in Lowell, MA....called the Christian Hill Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center. It provides medical management, skilled nursing, subacute neurological and psychological treatment, and traditional rehab services for people in the intermediate, "transitional" and advanced stages of HD. Patients range from their early 20's to late 60's and early 70's. In all cases treatment is based on a belief that people with HD should maintian a maximum level of independence for as long as possible. I'm ready to say good I will look for a phone number or something more helpful tomorrow. Good luck and take care.....Jeannie
RE: HD patient in nursing home
February 20, 2001 07:50AM
Hi, David!

Jeannie's correct but she's dating herself. Through a couple of ownership changes, Christian Hill has has carried new names for almost ten years now. I started the HD program there in 1986 and was the administrator before I left in 1998. Now I run an HD program here in Western Massachusetts called Laurel Lake Center for Health and Rehab.

Where in the country are you located? Perhaps you are near a specialty HD nursing home or one that "gets it" with HD. Is he followed by a neurologist? Let me know, OK?

My e-mail is jjpollard*at* or you can call me at Laurel Lake at 413-243-2010.
RE: HD patient in nursing home
February 20, 2001 11:16AM
Thanks Jim! I guess I AM out of date! I was getting the information from some material I got from is good to know smiling smiley
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