Welcome to the HD Lighthouse (HDL) website

Lighthouse with Welcome The Lighthouse was started by the late Jerry Lampson, an engineer whose wife Peggy had Huntington’s Disease (HD). Jerry knew that being more knowledgeable about HD would help people fight this disease. He also foresaw the value of the Internet as a wonderful opportunity for HD families to share information and fight this disease together. Today, the Lighthouse presents hundreds of pages of information – more than 500 research updates alone, numerous personal stories of people sharing their challenges and solutions, essays and opinion pieces, and much more. The Lighthouse is managed by Steve and Marsha Ireland, with the help of some wonderful contributors. All are volunteers and all of us are part of the HD community.

Beyond our common experiences, we share a common mission: (1)to present and explain the latest research findings, so that HD families can become proactive, have hope for the future, and make positive decisions in the present; and (2)to share our experiences in coping with HD. We’ll be here until there’s a cure and restoration, until all of our ships are home safe in harbor.

As we follow the progress of research, we can see treatments on the horizon. As you review the research, you may conclude that there are some 'best bets' to delay the onset and slow the progression of symptoms right now. We believe that HD patients, people at risk, and their families and friends can understand the research, weigh risks and benefits, consult with their doctors, and make good decisions. For more information about what The Lighthouse has to offer, visit our Getting Started page. We warmly welcome you, and will do all we can to help you get the information you need. Please feel free to contact us at marsha@hdlighthouse.org.