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Broda Chair

Posted by Jamie 
Broda Chair
June 08, 2009 11:49AM
Has anyone had any experiences with Broda(sp) chairs?

I have heard they are very helpful for people with HD so I have the rep coming over tomorrow but the cost is very expensive almost prohibitive.

I would like to hear personal experiences good or bad.

Re: Broda Chair
June 08, 2009 12:31PM
Hi Jamie ; If you notice at the top of the forum List there is the word "Search" , I have used it many times . It is so helpful . anyways here is a sample of what I found [] There was an interesting post by Dusty , she mentions a different wheelchair , its kinda interesting you should look it up . db

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Re: Broda Chair
June 08, 2009 04:35PM
I think Medicaid or Medicare paid for my borother's special chairs.They have to be really strong if the patient moves a lot like my brother did.I don't remember the kind he had. Howwever, either the physical therapist at the nursing home or someone at the HD Center helped them choose.
Re: Broda Chair
June 08, 2009 05:38PM
If you have to pay out of pocket, I suggest you look around before buying one. Look at e-bay or craigs list. I got a special chair when a local person passed away. The Broda chair is not the only chair that works. Also google Kirton Industries.

I also have a geriatric chair, that works (Hospice got it for us at no cost to us), so I doubt if you necessarily have to have a Broda chair unless you have some sort of specific limitation that only the Broda will satisfy.

If chorea is severe, I'd personally look at meds for chorea before spending tons on a chair.

If medicare will pay for it, go for it.
Re: Broda Chair
June 08, 2009 08:58PM
We got my dad a Broda about a year ago. Personally I LOVE it!! I do have to agree though the cost is steep and if you dont have alternative assistance to cover the cost look around and compare before you committ. We did have a specific need that the Broda assisted w/much better than others!!

What I love about it is: it is easy for me to operate, it is amazingly easy for the NH staff to operate, Dad is comfortable all the time. The chair has made it simpler on everyone envolved in Dads caregiving.

You could also check w/your local HDSA chapter for chairs that are donated. Chairs can be fitted to your Phd rather cheaply.

*Living for today*

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Re: Broda Chair
June 09, 2009 05:12AM
My mum has a Broda type chair as she falls forward in an ordinary wheel chair, so it gives her alot more support. Its really easy to use and gives you lots of options with tilt etc. I really like it and feels alot safer and more comfortable for her.
I jumped up and down a bit at her nursing home about her being in a wheelchair, as it was getting ridiculas with her falling out of it and totally slumped forward. I had a chair company quote me for a few different types and did enquiries into the right kind of chair for someone with HD...and then the NH happened to 'find' one in their shed. Is really anoying sometimes the amount of jumping up and down one has to do before the NH discover things for themselves! I hope you can find a second hand one, it really was a relief for us. Good luck.
Re: Broda Chair
June 11, 2009 08:54AM
Thanks Everyone. That is exactly the input,I was looking for!
It was a geri chair that we were looking into when someone suggested a Broda chair for her.

The rep came out with a chair that fit her perfectly based on info he took over the phone.
one minor drawback (doesn't roll well on carpet)
and one major drawback (the price).
That said the chair really is remarkable.

She seems much more comfortable, can sit up to watch TV or eat. No more sliding off the chair or couch, I don't have to worry about her falling out, I can even get up and go the bathroom without having to secure her somewhere or call someone to come sit with her while I go.

We are lucky to have an amazing group of people working with my wife.
The visiting nurse service we use sent our caseworker, our physical therapist even our nurse to help decide what model,functions, padding etc should be used. They even found a donor to help with the cost then haggled with the rep so the cost was completely covered by the donation!

Keep fighting for what you need, get people involved.
Good things will happen.

thanks for everything!


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Re: Broda Chair
June 11, 2009 01:20PM
Congratulations Jamie! I'm glad you got hte chair, got finacial assistance and the chair works. Good for you!
Re: Broda Chair
June 11, 2009 08:40PM
glad things worked out!!!

*Living for today*
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