Since April 2000 the mission of the HDLighthouse Families Web site is to present and explain the latest research findings so that families afflicted by Huntington's disease can become proactive in their care, have hope for the future, and make good decisions in the present. Additionally we provide information that is vital to the the support of HD families. Where possible we will direct you to specialists in the your area of concern, but if we are able to provide better or more current information then you'll find it here.

Managing Medications from a Caregiver's Perspective

Medications are one of the most difficult issues facing Huntington’s Disease (HD) caregivers and patients (pHD). What medications do we need? Who should prescribe medications? What dosage? Why do doctors prescribe one medication for a patient and other doctors prescribe another drug? Are medications really needed? Why is my pHD taking so many medications? What are the short- and long-term side effects? What happens if I stop the medications? Can I change the dosage or change the t
Dave Kendall

Using Your Words

Learning how to use your words can take a lifetime to learn. Learning to verbalize what we want or need from those around us can be a scary thing. Some people just are not good at expressing themselves. It is an art that takes a lot of practice, and it all begins with the realization that the people around us are NOT mind readers. No one but you knows what is inside your head at any given time. Peoples needs often go unmet for the sake of just expressing them. When people understand exactly
Kelly B.

Persons with Huntington's Disease Jailed in Juan De Costa, Colombia, South America, Part 1

Preparing to leave Prior to embarking on my first humanitarian mission I went to an immunization specialist who helped me work out which vaccinations I needed to take before I left and which pills I needed to take while in Colombia to avoid getting sick. Prior to my appointment with the immunization specialist I also printed out pages on Colombia and current recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. My arms were sore for weeks after getting immunized and some of th
Phil Hardt
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