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Now this may offend several of the people who publish articles on this site simply because they DO have the expertise to make and defend their claims. They are professionals in their field with a sincere passion for helping those who need help. They have voluntarily contributed their time to this cause and for that we are extremely thankful.

However, having said that the directors of this site have not validated the credentials of the authors and have only reviewed the material to see if it falls within our editorial guideline which is simply "Will it help answer some of the questions of those who are searching here for answers?".

Many of the contributors are not medical professionals. They are simply caregivers or PHD's (Patients with Huntington's Disease) themselves who want to share with you what they've learned. These experiences are generally just that - personal experiences which may or may not line up with generally accepted theory or scientific evidence.

Any information you take from this site is for your personal use. You may provide a link to this site if you so choose. You may NOT republish any of the information provided on this site without noting both where the information came from and the disclaimer that is associated with the information. This does not apply to sites to which we link. You should obtain permission from the owner of any site that we link to before you republish any material found on their sites.

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We sincerely hope that you find this information useful but before making any decisions based on information obtained from this site, you should discuss it with a medical professional.

We also hope that you will join us on the hunt-dis list or any of the chat rooms provided as a link on all of our pages. It's not unusual for families affected by HD to feel very much alone. Participation in one or both of these sites provides a much needed helping hand to many people.

HDLF Editorial Board