Living at Risk

Living in the Gray Area

When I was in my twenties, I saw Alice's restaurant and wondered about the Huntington's chorea that Woody had. I never thought more about Huntington's disease until my brother was in his mid-thirties. He had been hit by a car, had a bad leg fracture and a head injury. He gradually began to have difficulty with his work because of balance problems. He was a telephone repairman. The company gave him a different job and sent him into NY City for several days of neurological tests. The doctor di

To Live 'As If' - My Story<br>Chapter II: Head on Collision with the Truth

In July 1995, we went on a family vacation, renting our favorite lakefront home in a resort community just outside Yosemite National Park. Always, the cast for our family trips included many ?extras?, friends of our children, our own friends and, of course extended family. Guests on this vacation included a family friend, my young nephew, his mother/my older sister, and Huntington?s Disease. Huntington?s Disease had no place in my life before this particular vacation. I had watched Nancy Wexl

A Review of Walking the Tightrope: Living At-Risk for Huntington?s Disease

Psychologist Randi Jones has written an insightful and sensitive guidebook. Walking the Tightrope:Living At-Risk for Huntington?s Disease is a great basic manual for those at-risk looking for guidance and understanding as they navigate the complex issues in their lives. The book?s first chapter briefly describes Huntington?s Disease, its symptoms, progression, and treatment. However, the real focus of the book is the emotional well-being of those at-risk for this devastating illness, an often
Jennifer Tate

To Live 'As If' - My Story<br>Chapter 1

My father was the funny parent, the affectionate one who spent lots of hands-on time with his three daughters, making them laugh, tickling them, playing with them. He was also the most brilliant man in the world, burning the midnight oil, after putting in a full day at Lockheed, working on his own inventions or building for us the first color television owned by anyone on our block. I began an awakening, a premature collision with the realities of the adult world when I was between seven and

Generations of Hope

January 7, 2004 Dear Friends of Generations of Hope, We are working on a camp in Wallowa County, Oregon for children and families who are ?at risk? of genetic hereditary terminal illnesses. Our Organization, Generation?s of Hope is a non-profit agency to assist and advocate for these families and while we work constantly in the field of support and advocacy, our most important goal is a camp for the children who suffer daily, knowing that after they care for their loved ones who are now a
Traci Rorden

Cancer?! ? But I?m At-Risk!

My name is Jill. I?m 44 years old and lived with being at risk for 27 years. My grandfather, on my mother?s side, had HD and he passed away in 1964. At that time the doctors said he had Parkinson?s disease. Years later, when my mother started to have the same kind of symptoms as her father they said her father probably had HD and so did she. My mother was in her mid-forties then. She was not the kind of woman who talked about her feelings so we never knew how she felt about getting sick or
Jill Ginsberg
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