About Huntington's Disease

Dr. George Huntington

Dr. George Huntington was just 22 years old in 1872 when he became noted for his ability to describe his patients in horrific terms. His one publication of just a few paragraphs was entirely anecdotal and unreferenced. As chance would have it, a very interesting disease now has his name.

Dr. Huntington is a curious relic of the past. Science has now yielded ways to fight HD. Treatment is here now and there is real hope for a cure.

In a sense we are all beginners to Huntington's Disease. Whether HD has been diagnosed in your family for the first time or you are at risk for a disease that was recognized and discussed while you were growing up, there is still much we can learn about the disease from the incredible progress of research and from each other. Click here to get started.

"Wikipedia"is maintained by the general community with oversight by both academics and those who are intimately familiar with HD. Click here to visit Huntington's Disease on Wikipedia.

Stanford Hopes is a special project of some amazing students. Their Basics of HD is a "must visit". Click here to visit the Stanford Hopes site.

This excellent pamphlet about HD was written the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Click here to review what the NIH has to say about HD.